Project Description

WMAIA 2020 Design Awards

Jones Whitsett Architects, Greenfield, MA

This four unit microhousing project for DIAL/SELF Youth and Community Services provides a needed option to young adults living in Northampton who might otherwise be at risk of homelessness.

Located along Locust Street in Northampton, the new building shares site and parking resources with a renovated residential property, also owned by DIAL/SELF, that has been converted into four two person apartments. The 4 new micro units are 240 and 300sf apartments with built-in furnishings and shared amenities.  The facility also includes a drop-in center and staff offices to support DIAL/SELF’s outreach efforts in the Northampton area.

The design presents a modern take on vernacular, farmhouse architecture fitting in to the predominantly single family neighborhood.  Postconstruction analysis by the Center for Energy Technology estimated total EUI of 20.5.

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