Our Members

The WMAIA offers membership to registered architects and other interested, eligible parties such as professionals in allied fields (construction, interior design, vendors of products and supplies) and students.  Find out how to join the WMAIA.

Current architect members are listed below, alphabetically by last name. We also list associate members, affiliate members (both individual and corporate), and students.

In addition, every two years the WMAIA awards an honorary membership to a person who otherwise would not be eligible for membership, but who has made significant contributions to architecture, design and/or environmental causes in Western Massachusetts.

Click on one of the category titles at right to see the members in that category, or simply scroll down the page to see all the categories.


Henry Albin AIA
Jones Whitsett Architects, Inc.

Aldo Altobelli AIA Emeritus

Edythe Ambroz AIA
Structures by Design, Inc.

John H. Anderson AIA Emeritus

Geoff Arthur AIA
Meetinghouse Architecture

John Aubin AIA

William Robert Austin AIA
Austin Design, Inc.

Andrew T. Bagge AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Jody P. Barker, AIA

John J. Barry AIA
Barry Architects, Inc.

Thom Barry AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Thomas H. Bartels AIA
Bartels/Architecture + Landscape Design

Kerry L. Bartini AIA
Berkshire Design, Inc.

Pierre A. Belhumeur AIA Emeritus

Dana R. Bixby AIA
Dana Bixby Architecture

Caryn Jo Brause, FAIA
SITELAB Architecture + Design

Dorrie Brooks AIA
Jones Whitsett Architects

Wendy Elizabeth Brown AIA

Cameron S. Brown AIA
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.

Franklin Andrus Burr FAIA
Burr and McCallum Architects

Christian C. Carey, AIA

J. David Carlson AIA Emeritus

Dave Carmen AIA
Dave Carmen & Associates, Architects

Thomas C. Chalmers, AIA

Robyn Chrabascz AIA

Kevin J. Chrobak AIA
Juster Pope Frazier

Carey R. Clouse AIA

Bruce A. Coldham FAIA
c&h architects (retired)

Lonn Combs AIA

Marco Crescentini AIA
Dietz & Company Architects, Inc.

Yvonne E. Cruz AIA

Zachary Culbreth AIA

Naomi Darling AIA
Naomi Darling Architecture

Thomas K. Davies AIA
Amherst College

C. E. Dawson AIA

Jillian Z. DeCoursey AIA

William J. Devlin, AIA

Brian DeVriese AIA

Kerry L. Dietz AIA
Dietz & Company Architects

Michael DiPasquale AIA
UMass Amherst

Mark T. Dunn AIA

John V. Downie AIA

Mark T. Dunn AIA

Curtis A. Edgin AIA
Caolo & Bieniek Associates, Inc.

Douglas K. Engebretson NCARB FAIA Emeritus
Tessier Associates, Inc.

Lou Faassen AIA

Robert J. Fakelman AIA

Helen J. Fantini AIA
Jones Whitsett Architects, Inc.

Christopher Wood Farley AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Kayla M. Kickery AIA
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.

James W. Fiore AIA

Laura E. Fitch AIA
Fitch Architecture & Community Design

Aviva Galaski AIA
Fitch Architecture & Community Design

Bertram W. Gardner IV, AIA

Francis Marion Garretson AIA
Francis M. Garretson, Architect

Erica L.R. Gees, AIA

Mark O. Gelotte AIA
Mark O. Gelotte Architect

William V. Gillen AIA
Gillen Collaborative Architects

Michael P. Gobeille, AIA

Douglas C. Goodman AIA Emeritus

Debbi L. Gottlieb AIA
Dietz & Company Architects, Inc.

Stephan Green AIA
Clark & Green

Diego M. Gutierrez, AIA

Donald J. Hafner AIA
H | AI Architecture

James Hanifan AIA
Caolo & Bieniek Associates, Inc.

Robert E. Harrison AIA
Harrison Design Associates

Thomas RC Hartman AIA
c&h architects

My-Ron Hatchett AIA

Robert S. Haveles AIA
Architectural Insights, Inc.

Scott A. Henderson AIA
Clark & Green

Matthew E. Herzberg, AIA

Bernard J. Hunt AIA

Karen Tierney Hunt AIA

Bradford S. Hutchison, AIA

Stephen J. Jablonski AIA
Stephen Jablonski Architects

Kenneth R. Jodrie AIA
Caolo & Bieniek Associates

Margo P. Jones FAIA
Jones Whitsett Architects, Inc.

Richard E. Katsanos AIA
H | AI Architecture

Elise Keith AIA
Dietz & Company Architects, Inc.

Kristofer Kennedy AIA

Gail Kenney AIA Emeritus

Mary L. Kraus AIA
Mary Kraus Architect

Bruce M. Kriviskey AIA Emeritus

Mark Kucinski AIA

John Wood Kuhn AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Chris Legiadre AIA

Margaret D. Lewis AIA Emeritus

Kathleen R. Lugosch FAIA
Lugosch Architects

Diane M. Lukomski AIA

John D. MacMillan AIA

Jefferey C. Manley AIA
consult M

Robert B. Marcalow AIA

Paul R. Marshall AIA

Ann Wills Marshall AIA

Douglas Marshall AIA

Paul R. Marshall AIA
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.

Melissa Martinez AIA

Ann McCallum FAIA
Burr and McCallum Architects

Villroy R. McCutcheon AIA Emeritus

Timothy G. McKenna AIA

Tristram W. Metcalfe, III AIA
Metcalfe Associates Architecture

Sigrid Miller Pollin FAIA
Miller Pollin Architecture

Martha Montgomery AIA
Montgomery Ark

Elizabeth Morgan AIA
Morgan Studio | Architecture + Interiors

Lee H. Morrisette AIA

James E. Morrissey AIA Emeritus

Sarah B. Morrison AIA
SBM Design

Alfonso W. Nardi AIA

Jason Newman, AIA
Dietz & Company Architects

Derek Noble AIA

Jeffrey S. Noble AIA
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.

Christopher J. Novelli, AIA

Patricia B. O’Flaherty AIA

Kevin O’Neil AIA

Pedro R. Pachano AIA

Peter N. Papineau AIA

Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham AIA

Justin Pelland AIA

Leon J. Pernice AIA Emeritus

Siegfried Porth AIA

Porth Associates

Donald R. Pulfer
Green River Architecture

Jamie Reinhardt AIA
Hill Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.

Pari Riahi AIA
Pari Riahi Architects, Inc.

Christopher E. Riddle AIA Emeritus
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Kevin M. Riordon AIA
Dietz & Company Architects

William J. Rister AIA
William Rister Architect

Keira Ritter AIA

Charles W. Roberts AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

John A. Robinson AIA

Kevin P. Rothschild-Shea, AIA

Jonathan M. Salvon AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Pamela S. Sandler AIA
Pamela Sandler AIA Architect

Lewis Schiller, AIA

Jon Schluenz AIA

Lindsay M. Schnarr AIA

Stephen Schreiber FAIA
UMass Architecture and Design Program

Arthur W. Schwartz, AIA Emeritus

Garth H. Schwellenbach, AIA
c&h architects

Jesse Selman, AIA
c&h architects

Mark L. Sirulnik AIA Emeritus

Anne Frates Slick AIA

M. Blakey Smith AIA

John A. Sobon AIA
Jack A. Sobon, Architect

Marc B. Sternick AIA
Dietz & Company Architects

Robert J. Stevens AIA
Tessier Associates, Inc.

Peter Stevens AIA

Rachel A. Stevens AIA

Robert J. Stevens AIA
Tessier Associates, Inc.

Brien Tal-Baker AIA

Aelan Brigit Tierney AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Jeremy M. Toal AIA
The Dennis Group

Rafal Toczko, AIA

Michael Walker AIA
Michael Walker Design/Builder

David J. Whitehill AIA

J. Kristian Whitsett, AIA
Jones Whitsett Architects, Inc.

Timothy A. Widman AIA

Robert L. Williams AIA

Seth Wilschutz AIA

Mary C. Yun AIA

Gregory P. Zorzi AIA
Studio One, Inc.

Peter A. Zorzi AIA
Studio One, Inc.
Studio One Architects


Thomas P. Barry, Associate AIA

Krista Benoit, Associate AIA
Dietz & Company Architects, Inc.

Marga Bergman, Intl. Assoc. AIA

Jie Chen, Associate AIA

Nicholas A. Cichanowksi, Associate AIA

Alessandro DeGregori, Associate AIA

Maridalia Demota, Associate AIA

David A. Desilets, Associate AIA

Richard A. Dobrowski, Associate AIA

Warren S. Hall, Associate AIA
Springfield Technical Community College

Peter N. Hendery, Associate AIA

Kaeli E. Howard, Associate AIA

Mohamed I. Ibrahim, Associate AIA

Cunbei Jiang, Associate AIA

Sandy Litchfield, Associate AIA

Emily Moreau, Associate AIA

Shelby Parrish, Associate AIA

Clark Garrison Piers-Gamble, Associate AIA

Craig D. Spice, Associate AIA
Caolo & Bieniek Associates, Inc.

Andrew J. Stadnicki, Associate AIA

Michael J. Valenti, Associate AIA

Francisco Vidal, Associate AIA

Robert B. Viele, Jr., Associate AIA

Peter R. Webster, Associate AIA
Austin Design, Inc.

Andrew Weuling, Assoc. AIA

Olivia A. Wyatt, Associate AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects, Inc.

Kyle B. Young, Associate AIA

Erika Zekos, Associate AIA



Jo Comerford
Massachusetts State Senator

Joseph Krupczynski
Director / Civic Engagement & Service-Learning at UMass/Amherst

Dennis O’Rourke
(recently retired) Representative for Pella Products

Jonathan Lash
Former President, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Julianna Waggoner
Principal, MicaBlue Creative, West Whately, MA

Ellen Story
State Rep 3rd Hampshire District

Marcos A. Marrero
Director of Planning & Economic Development, Holyoke

Hon. John W. Olver
MA Congressional Representative 1991-2013

Max Page, PhD
Professor of architecture & history

Bonnie Parsons
Historic preservationist

Karen Koehler PhD
Professor of architectural & art history

David Dillon PhD (in memoriam)
Writer, architecture critic

Wayne M. Feiden, A.I.C.P.

Arnold Friedmann, PhD
Interior designer, professor


If you are a student and would like to join, please contact WMAIA Executive Director Lorin Starr, via email.