Committee on the Environment (COTE)

To provide resources to our members and our greater community that fosters the development of environmentally sound structures and sustainable communities.

We typically meet informally once per month, via Zoom (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). The meetings are often on a Tuesday afternoon, but may vary; the dates and times for each meeting will be announced in the e-news sent out by the WMAIA. Please contact Lorin Starr, WMAIA Executive Director, to sign up for the WMAIA e-news.

Programs & Events

  • Energy Code Seminars
  • AIA 2030 Commitment Info Sessions
  • Field Trips to sustainable buildings and manufacturers
  • Co-ordination with Umass on Lecture Series featuring sustainable speakers
  • Green Giants Award Program, recognizing people in the trades, educators and building owners who go above and beyond in their pursuit of sustainable building practices

Green Bite Guests, including

  • John Olver, US Representative for Massachusetts
  • Irene Winkelbauer, Healthy Building Materials Specialist
  • Jennifer Marrapese, Executive Director at NESEA
  • Megan McDonough, Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity

We are looking for more committee members or anyone, from any background (not just architects) who might like to sit in on a meeting and brainstorm about ways to support and promote sustainable design in our community.  Please email co-chair Aelan Tierney for information about joining.

It is so important that our profession do all that we can to support and promote good, sustainable design in this current “climate.” Please join us at one of our meetings and help us figure out how to do that and how to support each other in that mission. It’s a really fun, smart group of people…and we have really good snacks! Hope to see you at one of the meetings or events!

Stay tuned here, on the WMAIA events calendar and on the continuing education page for our events.

Jillian DeCoursey AIA
Jones-Whitsett Architects

Laura Fitch AIA
Fitch Architecture & Community Design

Garrison Gamble Associate AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects

Aviva Galaski AIA
Jones-Whitsett Architects

Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham AIA
Senior Campus Planner, Umass

Lorin Starr
WMAIA Executive Director

Aelan Tierney AIA
Kuhn Riddle Architects