Project Description

WMAIA 2020 Design Awards

c&h architects, Amherst, MA

Single-family home renovation in a quiet local neighborhood. The design takes an inward-looking 1930s Dutch Colonial in a local historic district and connects it to the incredible views of a small local farm and the hillsides beyond.

Accomplished with a strategic 90 SF addition that optimizes the existing square footage to create a large open living area. Additionally, we updated the street side in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. With new fluid circulation, we created a mudroom, home-office, storage areas, and an exercise room. The renovation is filled with light and wood, and provides a contemporary layout to look forward instead of back in time.

Beyond the new experience of space, there is a pragmatic tale of insulation, air-sealing, and mechanical upgrades that result in thermal comfort and reduced energy consumption. The careful use and reuse of materials resulted in a low embodied carbon profile for the project.

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