Project Description

WMAIA 2020 Design Awards

PLACE Alliance, Amherst, MA

Despite being just outside of Manhattan and boasting a vibrant food and entertainment scene, The Village of Port Chester, NY has a surprising lack of pedestrian connectivity and disjointed urban fabric due to big-box retail, extensive surface parking lots, and a vehicle-oriented downtown.

Our design team proposed an overall connectivity masterplan focused on walkability through connecting key landmarks and destinations and developing placemaking specific to Port Chester’s history.

Transitioning Main Street into a pedestrian-centric space will promote the sense of place to support and celebrate Port Chester’s diverse culture. New opportunities along the Byram River waterfront provide users with active and passive interactions with the water and reconnect the riverfront to the downtown.

Port Chester’s unique port history is celebrated through modern bespoke lighting and wayfinding sculpture that revitalize the streetscape.

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