Project Description

WMAIA 2020 Design Awards

Burr & McCallum Architects, Williamstown, MA

As a college student, our client lived in a cabin on a hill with a spectacular view of the valley and Mount Greylock. Thirty years later, he and his college sweetheart wife bought that beautiful piece of the Berkshires and built a house for their extended family.

The first construction phase was a barn; containing a garage, three bedrooms, and kitchen. The barn and master bedroom wing form an entrance courtyard.

The main living areas, all in one story, take in the remarkable view to the southeast.  This large open space is focused around a double sided fireplace. We added five glassy cupolas on the roof, bringing in daylight and increasing the feeling of substantiality.

The sloping land challenge was solved by including a pool a full story lower than the living spaces. The HERS rating of 51 is a tribute to our very careful contractor and his excellent crew.

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