Housatonic Architectural Services, LLC



Housatonic Architectural Services, LLC

We serve homeowners, small commercial clients, contractors and real estate businesses with full range of architectural services, including one-time consultations, 2D/3D renderings, conceptual design, building evaluation analysis, permit-ready Construction Documents and Construction Administration.

Our guiding principle is that successful architecture is the product of a close collaboration between client and architect based on mutual trust, communication and shared values which result in well-defined architectural goals and expectations. Our goal is then to transform those goals into architectural creations that delight the eye as well as the purse while incorporating current sustainable principles of construction. No project, regardless of scope or budget, is undeserving of this approach.

Housatonic Architectural Services, LLC
123 Front Street, Housatonic MA 01236
413 . 854 . 8955 office/mobile

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Bartels / Architecture + Landscape Design


B/A+LD has 20+ years of experience in complete architectural and landscape design services. We have worked on a wide range of residential commissions including renovations, additions and new construction. In addition to residential design, we have worked for colleges, towns, museums and commercial clients. Our practice combines design excellence, technological expertise and sensitivity to the environment, all of which we apply to meeting our clients’ needs and budgets. The continuous personal involvement of the firm’s principals makes an enormous difference in the quality of services provided and in the translation of initial ideas into built reality. Principals are Thomas Bartels, AIA, and Elizabeth Heekin Bartels, ASLA.

Bartels / Architecture + Landscape Design
39 Thomas Street
Williamstown, MA  01267
413 . 458 . 2770


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Burr and McCallum Architects


Since its inception in 1982, Burr and McCallum has brought a high standard of design to a wide variety of architecture commissions. Reflecting sensitivity toward client goals as well as technology, art and history, the firm’s work has been recognized internationally through publications, exhibitions and awards. Strong design abilities are complemented by a commitment to close construction supervision in order to ensure a true realization of the original design concept in the completed project.

Burr and McCallum, Architects
Williamstown, Massachusetts
413 . 458 . 2121


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Clark & Green, Inc.


Over 22 years, Clark & Green, Inc. has expanded its range of work, while maintaining a commitment to thoughtful and challenging architecture. Along with sensitive residential design, the firm has executed major commercial and institutional projects. These include an award winning transformation of an historic building into a multiplex cinema and the conversion of an athletic field house into a 32,000 square foot multi-use theatre complex.

Clark & Green, Inc. implements sound design principles within a variety of building types to maintain a fresh approach to each project. Strong relationships with consultants, along with the collaborative efforts of the firm’s team members, support the special needs of each project.

Clark & Green, Inc.
113 Bridge Street
Great Barrington, Massachusetts  01230
413 . 528 . 5180

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Dana Bixby Architecture


Buildings become architecture because of the fictions that architects create. Once created though, the fictions that are made are created by people that move in space. Thus a relationship of buildings to the world around them is created by the meeting of these two fictions. In time, as architecture takes their lives from the land, then these fictions are tied back to things.

Dana Bixby Architecture is particularly interested in the spaces between buildings, the spaces next to buildings, and movement through space. We create and express the forms of buildings, space, movement, and light with high craftsmanship, care, and integrity.

Dana Bixby Architecture
24 Swamp Road
West Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01226
413 . 232 . 7834

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Hill-Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.


Hill is committed to creating solutions that best fulfill our clients’ unique criteria and inspire the people who live, work or recreate within. Clients turn to Hill for architectural design that is innovative, striking and efficient. Hill is a single source firm with engineering services (structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical engineers) and civil/survey services.

Hill’s greatest advantage is its in-house staff of 35+ architectural, civil and land surveying and engineering professionals. By integrating disciplines internally, we achieve improved communication, effective coordination of all building and site systems, and successful projects – completed on time, within budget.

Founded in 1949, our firm has served a diverse clientele, including commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational, public and residential markets. We listen, we collaborate with clients, and we deliver quality solutions, governed by our dedication to professionalism, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Hill-Engineers, Architects, Planners, Inc.
50 Depot St., Dalton, Massachusetts 01226
413 . 684 . 0925  

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Pamela Sandler AIA


Pamela Sandler AIA, has been designing private residences, lodging, spas, education and community spaces, primarily in the Berkshires, for over 25 years.  Registered in Massachusetts and New York, her work includes new construction, historic restoration, renovations, additions and adaptive reuse.

 Sandler AIA’s residential work represents a wide range of architectural styles, with specific attention to both how the home is sited on the land, as well designing the home so it looks like it has always been there. Ms. Sandler brings to her clients an approachable and collaborative working style while keeping a focus on the details, the budget and the delivery of the project.

Pamela Sandler AIA
31 Main Street
Stockbridge, MA  01262
413 . 298 . 4227 www.sandleraia.com


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