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Housatonic Architectural Services, LLC

We serve homeowners, small commercial clients, contractors and real estate businesses with full range of architectural services, including one-time consultations, 2D/3D renderings, conceptual design, building evaluation analysis, permit-ready Construction Documents and Construction Administration.

Our guiding principle is that successful architecture is the product of a close collaboration between client and architect based on mutual trust, communication and shared values which result in well-defined architectural goals and expectations. Our goal is then to transform those goals into architectural creations that delight the eye as well as the purse while incorporating current sustainable principles of construction. No project, regardless of scope or budget, is undeserving of this approach.

Housatonic Architectural Services, LLC
123 Front Street, Housatonic MA 01236
413 . 854 . 8955 office/mobile

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Poolhouse Interior
Poolhouse Exterior